We Are The Experts When It Comes To Concrete!

Our Vision

To be the most recognized concrete contractor that helps their customers expand and grow by providing the absolute best foundations to build upon.

Mission Statement

Anchor Concrete, Inc. provides concrete construction services geared towards the special needs of our customer. Dedicated to top quality construction service beyond industry standards, we constantly adapt to our customers’ needs. We strive to be industry leaders, to earn a responsible profit and to provide a safe and sound working environment where all our employees can grow within the company, their families, and our communities.

Current Job Sites

Have a look at some of our current job sites and the progress we are making.

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How We Work

We start every project by working closely with our customer in the design and planning stage to understand their needs. This ensures our proposal accurately reflects the time and costs of the project. We deploy our expert employees who are extensively trained in all aspects of forming, pouring, and finishing concrete to make your project a success.

It is our deep experience and extensive knowledge that sets us apart from other concrete construction companies. Our office and field personnel understand the full scope of every project, and we make sure the job gets done right!

Industries We Serve

  • Grain Handling & Storage Foundations
  • Fertilizer Handling & Storage Foundations
  • Grain Receiving Pits
  • Ethanol Plants
  • Heavy Commercial Foundations
  • Commercial Retail Applications (Kwik Trip Gas Stations)
  • Warehouse and Containment Foundations
  • Heavy Industrial Building Foundations
  • Flat Work and Paving for any Application

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Completed Projects

We have many projects that we are proud of, and you can view some of our favorites here.